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The Process

1. Complete our brief contact form.

Complete our brief contact survey here so we are able to understand your background and specific interest in purchasing a Relocation Strategies Franchise.

2. In-Person OR WebEx meeting with the RSI Franchise Team.

Once we have completed initial discussions surrounding your desire for a Relocation Strategies Franchise, we will then setup and more in-depth meeting at our corporate offices or via an online WebEx meeting. This will allow the prospective franchisee to have all of his or her questions answered fully and also allows for everyone to get to know each other better and ensures a good fit for both parties.

3. Visit Our Corporate Headquarters

Visiting our corporate headquarters will allow for prospects to fully understand the day-to-day operations of the company. This visit will include involvement on sales calls, vendor meetings, and project sites. In order to completely grasp what it takes to own and operate a Relocation Strategies Franchise, we want our prospects to see and feel what a “day in the life” of our company truly feels like!

4. Review of the Federal Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

The Federal Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is critical to any franchise offering. This document will summarize the franchise offering specific to each territory and all details and provisions involved in the purchase of the particular franchise model. A major step in the process for any potential franchisee!

5. Complete Credit & Background Checks.

It is important to us that we ensure all franchisees meet the criteria, financially, personally and professionally, that will allow them to be successful in the franchise endeavor. For this reason, we complete a simple background check on all potential candidates.

6. Personal Finance Auditing.

Purchasing a franchise is a large decision for anyone, regardless of their financial situation. Relocation Strategies will review any potential franchisees’ personal finances to make certain that the individual purchasing a franchise meets our basic financial standards.

7. Complete Purchase Agreement to finalize franchise sale.

At this point, all questions have been answered and in-depth meetings, discussions and background items have been properly completed. Now you are almost your own boss and business owner!

8. Select Location.

Relocation Strategies recommends purchasing a franchise location in your home-town area, as this is a territory where you have connections and networking contacts that will help make your business a success. All territory details and guidelines will be covered during this step!

9. Complete Training & Launch new franchise location!

At Relocation Strategies, we believe that a quality & comprehensive training program is vital to the success of your franchise location. The support you will receive on an ongoing basis is the foundation of a dynamic business and will be the corner stone for your successful business operation for years to come. You will receive the most comprehensive training and support systems in the industry. Our franchise team will be there every step of the way as you launch and build your business.