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Why An RSI Franchise?

If you’re not just looking for another quick-serve restaurant or home repair business model, then Relocation Strategies could be the franchise for you! Relocation Strategies has worked with more Fortune 500 companies than any other independent project consulting firm in the United States!

Relocation Strategies was founded in 1994 to provide corporate entities and privately owned businesses with a viable option to manage and coordinate the immense task of relocation of office, industrial, medical and manufacturing locations. Our business model has proven successful and necessary time and time again for companies both large and small.

RSI’s service offerings have taken our business not only all over the country, but also around the world to provide quality move management and relocation consulting services. Therefore, RSI has developed a network of franchise locations to better serve the needs of the local corporations and businesses across multiple territories. Our goal is to continue to build a strong family of franchise locations that will provide bilateral support and referrals in order to corner this incredibly profitable and niche market, which as of today is virtually untapped!

As a new franchisee, you’ll not only be the owner of your own business with tremendous potential, but you will also be part of the national RSI network; providing revenue opportunities across the United States. You are affiliating yourself with a successful business with a long standing history and strong service reputation. Additionally, you will share the following advantages:

  • 20+ Years of Experience in the Corporate Relocation Consulting Industry
  • Outstanding Earning Potential
  • Proven Sales Methods and 40%+ Profit Margins
  • Existing Relationships with National Commercial Real Estate Firms & Vendor Networks
  • Comprehensive Training Program:
    Inclusive of one-on-one time with the Founder & CEO Tim Haines!
  • Blueprint for a Business Model That Ensures Success
  • Master Document Library:
    Inclusive of EVERY template & format to market, sell, operate & manage this business
  • Detailed Operations Manual
  • Ongoing Operational Support and Assistance with Sales & Project Execution
  • Territory Protection for Your Location.
  • The Opportunity to Work with Fortune 500® Corporations within Your Territory